For most households, if you want to buy the ingredients to make a cake there are two main items you will reach for.  Boxed cake mix and tub icing.  Well in a gluten-free house, those two things are becoming easier to come by.


The big boys in the box mix game are catching on and supplying our local grocers with more GF options. But I hate to tell them, Pamela’s cake mix is awesome.  It really does kick the pants off any other gluten-free cake mix I have tried.


My latest Pamela’s creation was her pound cake.  I used her yellow cake mix and the pound cake recipe on the bag.  AWESOME! Is all I can say.  My rule of thumb for measuring taste  and texture with GF foods is whether they can stand up to there wheat counterparts.  The pound cake was a good call. I would have taken more pictures but we ate it all too fast.  Sorry. (FYI the coconut cake recipe is also outstanding)  Each product has a multitude of recipes and variations on the packaging.


If you need gluten free dessert to make at home – try the Pamela’s line of products.  The price point is great and they rock!

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