You all know we are a smoothie loving family and my VitaMix gets lots of green action.  But lurking under its healthy exterior it has a naughty side one must not ignore.


It can make the best darn cake icing you have ever tried.


For years I have pined away for a Kitchen aid stand mixer and its plethora of attachments.  But alas, I do not have the mega kitchen to go with it and storing that thing would be a pain.  So I am very selective in the small kitchen appliances department.


The VitaMix is a great way to get many uses out of one machine.  Blender, smoothie machine, soups, breads, and dough are all no match for the Vitamix powerhouse.  But by far, its best side job from healthy living is cake icing.


Back story (because I cannot write a post without one): Sweet One wanted to write her own recipe for a cake and she did in a Curious George fashion with pictures.  I then “Googled” her descriptions of the cake-to-be until I felt confident I knew what she wanted.


The end result – Chocolate Cake Perfection


Now I am not a very choosy cake person but this one really takes the cake. (pun intended)  It is like a perfect Hershey’s candy bar infused with a Buttercream frosting. Delicious.


She designed a chocolate cake with buttercream filling and chocolate icing.  We exclusively used Martha Stewart recipes to make the flavor profile match.


cake slice


The Vitamix is perfect for the lazy cook who wants the homemade icing experience and here is why:

  1. NO need to soften the butter or cream cheese.  Just throw it in cold and use the tamper to whip it into submission.
  2. Just layer it wettest to driest ingredients. Turn it on and walk away.
  3. It will be smooth. NO matter what you put in there.
  4. It will be whipped to a full body making it easy to spread on anything.
  5. Cleanup is easy. There are no beaters spinning sugar onto your walls.
  6. The texture and lightness it gives the icing is so decadent even with the simplest of recipes.  It makes you look like a culinary master.  Once chilled, little bumps may appear on your icing.  It is just air bubbles and is more noticeable with darker icings like the one below.  No I am not sneaking a taste (that the kids will ever know about)


Just a Taste


This is my umpteenth time to make homemade icing in the Vitamix and it never lets me down.  Just remember to do a few hot water and soap cleaning cycles and your machine is ready to hit your kitchen shelf again.  Blend your sweet concoction on a low speed and let time and power do the work.


VitaMix on Low speed setting


So if you are feeling as sinful as your Vitamix try your favorite cold icing recipes or one of these icings out for yourself.


Martha Stewart Quick Chocolate Frosting


Martha Stewart Basic Buttercream


And here is the cake recipe we used as well.


Martha Stewart Chocolate Cake Recipe

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