Do you homeschool?

Have you considered Homeschooling?

Did you answer yes to either of those questions?

Then a 3rd question is in order.

Have you been to a homeschooling conference?


If you have not, STOP what you are doing right now and go to the website – IMMEDIATELY!


Teach Them Diligently is a homeschool conference with a Christian family focus. It themes a holistic approach to the overall life and wellbeing of homeschooling families.


The conferences are designed to span a 3 day period interspersed with a variety of speakers and topics ranging from toddlers to college entrance. 2015 boasted four locations with some of the 2016 dates already announced.


And the vendor section…. Wonderfully overwhelming!


Not only are the major suppliers there with nearly full booths set up, but there were a plethora of curriculums, books, supplies, and teaching supplements on hand for your viewing pleasure. Want to compare 2 different math programs? At a conference, you can compare them apples to apples next to each other at a vendor such as Rainbow Resource (one of my favorite homeschool suppliers btw).


The arts were well represented as well! Lots of music and art home study programs with online instruction. Your child can even try on the instruments for size.


Conferences can be a one stop shop for all your supply needs for the upcoming year.



Eleven Reasons to attend a Teach Them Diligently Conference (or another in your area):

1. You will be immersed with other families on a similar homeschool journey.

2. If you are just considering homeschooling, see where to start and where you can go in the homeschool world.

3. Talk with knowledgeable speakers whose children have graduated through homeschooling and discuss topics that can help guide your path in family education. There is nothing quite as wonderful as having a veteran homeschool parent take you under their wing and say “You can do this, let me show you how.”

4. Ever wanted to know more about “(insert your own question)”? Odds are there is a speaker or vendor there who can talk with you directly and answer your questions.

5. Curriculums galore. I needed 3 days in the vendor hall alone. It may be overwhelming at first, but there is something wonderful about being able to hold a book in your hand and browse through before you purchase. I love you Amazon, but sometimes I need a tactile fix too.

6. The conference can be a fun family vacation/outing. The facilities are nice and all the kids I saw participating in the children’s program looked pleased.

7. On the flip side, it is an awesome time for mom and/or dad to get away and concentrate on all the available resources at hand for 3 days without the kids tagging along.

8. Get a great feel for homeschooling with a biblical perspective.

9. Discover the different types of homeschooling styles and how to approach them.

10. Make new friends with families from around the country.

11. Be uplifted in your decision to homeschool and know that there are support and resources available if you know where to look.


Teach Them Diligently is not the only homeschool conference in the US. There are many, from local functions led by local cover schools to other National Organizations having large scale events. Either way, on the homeschooling journey, the sooner you expose yourself to the full breath of available resources and the families who have used them the better off you will be.


With Love and Coffee (from a hotel balcony),




Want a full review of the 2015 Nashville Event and Venue? Click here.

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