We started our families coconut journey looking for ways to add health benefits to the things we were already eating. (Feel free to assume that means we added fiber to non-fibrous food items.) But, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how many ways coconut eventually infiltrated our home.


Our first big switch came when…


When my firstborn was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. We needed a way to substitute cow’s milk in the things we were cooking and rice milk just wasn’t cutting it. Coconut milk is creamy and rich and feels much like cow’s milk on my tongue. That simple swap out made me excited to try more coconut products.


There were ice creams, creamers, yogurts even a kefir all made from coconuts.


To take things even farther, coconut oil was unabashedly used in most of the gluten-free cookbooks I read. It was touted as a supreme oil to which all culinary masterpieces could be derived. So as I looked deeper into what coconuts could offer us as a family, I realized just how beneficial this little druper could be.


This humble vegetation has numerous ways in which it benefits our bodies. And since the world seems to be paying more attention to what we put in and on our bodies, simple solutions now have the opportunity to out shine their commercialized counterparts. Like the humble coconut.


Now coconuts have infiltrated themselves into every room of our home. Hopefully coconuts will find a place in your home as well.


By no means is this intended to be an exhaustive list, but I would like to point out a few key areas were coconut could benefit you as much as they have benefited us. One caveat being, some people are allergic to coconut and therefore should avoid it. If you are allergic to coconuts, I’m sorry, and I will take a moment of silence on your behalf.

If not, here are five ways the coconut can become your family’s new best friend.


  1. Coconut water

I was a skeptic at first. In my mind, this high-fiber powerhouse would only wreak havoc on my digestive system. But I was pleasantly surprised by its neutral taste and it’s pleasant aftereffects (if you catch my drift).

It is a terrific addition to smoothies. And is easily enjoyed right out of the carton.

But my favorite way to enjoy coconut water, is to combine it with a sparkling water and/or pineapple juice. My kids love to share a glass with me in the morning and it’s a great way to get your day started off in a healthy direction.

A little goes a long way, and the best price I have found is at our local Costco. I prefer the 12 ounce cartons, since the shelf life is limited once they are opened. Coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated especially in the summer. But also works wonders in the winter, when we tend to drink less water anyway.


  1. Coconut milk bath

If you ignore everything else on this list it is ok…. But you must try this. Trust me. You will be sending me thank you cards.


Alabama winters can be brutal on our skin. With the ever changing temperatures and moisture levels, it can be difficult to find the right balance keep our skin healthy and moisturized. Check out any high-end spa and you will notice that they have moisturizing coconut milk baths on their menus. Many spots charge upwards of $30 for a coconut milk bath. Yes, that is $30 for a bath. But the best part is you can do it right in your own home for a fraction of that cost.


Whenever dry skin raises its ugly chafe in our home, the kids hop into the tub for a nice relaxing soak of milky coconut goodness. All you need is a tub. I recommend the one you already own in your bathroom. (No surcharge needed) And two cans of full fat, unsweetened coconut milk. My local grocery sells it on the international foods aisle. Just rub the white coconut milk fat on your body while you are soaking in water and it will do all the magic on its own. 20 minutes later you will emerge from the bath smelling like a piña colada with skin as soft as silk.


On a pleasant side note, there is no weird tub ring to clean up. I was worried my tub would turn into a nasty mess. But it seems that the natural properties of the coconut actually help to keep the bathtub and toys cleaner.


  1. Coconut oil moisturizer

This beloved nut imposter is good for more than just a moisturizing soak though. Coconut oil and coconut products are good for many beauty needs. Virgin Coconut oil can be used as lip balm, face cream, eye cream, and lotion. And the best part is, coconut products can easily replace chemical laden products that we are often already using on our skin. They have the benefit for being safe on all ages, while also promoting good health.


Keep a 4 ounce Mason jar of Virgin coconut oil in your bathroom. Use it as an eye cream, facial moisturizer, and let its antifungal and antibacterial properties help with blemishes.

You may just find yourself ditching your old products for this new simpler solution.


  1. Wound care

Now I’m not saying skip a trip to the doctor’s office, but if you have a scraped knee, paper cut, or some other slight injury, Virgin coconut oil might just be the ticket to a quick recovery. I particularly like using this on my children, because inevitably whatever medication I put on them they must explore it with their fingers. And because Virgin Coconut oil is food safe, I don’t have to worry about where those fingers end up. I also use coconut oil on my animals and in their food. Hotspots and skin irritations disappear quickly and I don’t have to worry about them licking it off.

Virgin coconut oil has been used for centuries in wound care due to his medicinal properties. In World War II coconut water was even used as an emergency intravenous solution for blood transfusions and intravenous hydration straight from the coconut. It can be readily absorbed by the body from the bloodstream much like our dextrose/water solutions used in hospitals today. To me this represents the compatibility of coconut water and coconut oil with our bodies, and gives me confidence using it as a topical solution.


  1. A substitute for other oils and milk in recipes

Coconut oil is rich with healthy goodness. And can be used one to one as a substitute for other oils in cooking and baking. Depending on the variety you buy, the degree to which it tastes coconut-y can vary. I exclusively use coconut oil in my baking and can make an excellent substitute for shortening. It works well for high heat frying and sautéing. And I have even seen it used as a butter substitute on breads and waffles. Try it in place of other vegetable oils. You may be pleasantly surprised at the benefits it brings as well as its mild flavor.

And to be honest, after smelling coconut oil on your fingers, face, children, and pets, you will be ready to really enjoy coconut laden foods. So I leave you with this, a delicious “Date and Coconut Ball ” recipe that is gluten-free and vegan.



Want more info on the glorious coconut?  Check out this article in wikipedia.




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