Just picture this if you can.  A woman in her thirties, well overdue for a good nights sleep, patiently waiting but definitely not with a happy carefree attitude for the 10:30am lunch service at a fast food restaurant.

I was less than the ideal customer for anyone. Truly just a shell of who I really am as a person.

We were on a southbound trek for Pensacola beach. Road trips with the little ones aren’t at the top of my list for relaxing activities. A trip that was at first billed as an overnight car seat ride to the magical land of fun and sand has been extended to a 2 day ride for car seat freedom. What should take 4 1/4 hours will take nearly 7 with stops.  Eleven hours total for two days.

I know at this point in parenthood, I should just accept life with children takes longer. I still fight trying to make things run smoother, be easier, and just function in a more streamline manner.  Managing a gaggle of people’s needs is just time-consuming.

But in this moment of standing I am in line for food. All the employees are smiling. Even smiling at me! Me, this tired, sighing, fighting to keep upright person.  We get our food and no less than 3 people offer to take my food out to the car.  And even though I say “no thank you” repeatedly a woman comes out from behind the counter and says to me with the most genuinely wonderful smile “We won’t let you leave without helping you.  I will carry it to your car for you.”

As I looked at this sweet soul helping me, even though I denied the need, I could tell she honestly wanted to help me. Not just go though the motions and do her job. And I was grateful.  As we walked to my car, I thought back to the many experiences I have had at this particular chain of restaurants. They have all been great. Everywhere, across the country.  What made this more special was that, on this particular day, I actually needed their “more”.  More than just food and drinks. More than just ketchup and napkins.  I needed a warm friendly environment to recharge the weakend batteries of family life.  I needed what makes them special.  So I take this moment to say thank you to Brittany and  the Chik-fil-a team at EastChase in Montgomery, Al.  You made the day better for my family.


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As a wife and mother, everyday is an adventure. 15 years in business management/education barely prepared me for a life now ruled by two under the age of 6. Join me in this journey. I hope to hear from you soon.

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