Bless this day, as the rain trickles down the side of our house. A warm cup of coffee in my hands and the blessed knowledge than I need not do more than sit here and sip-by-sip make my way to the bottom of this cup.

Of course as soon as I write that sentence, both kids come to the table demanding lunch an hour early. But you get my drift.

The rainy days of spring are definitely something to relish.

In spring, everyone seems on track with school but behind schedule. Industriously looking around the home-place for things in need of mending after a long winter, yet no energy or time to devote towards those projects. Taking a brief hiatus (or ramping up) in pursuit of how their IRS contributions will affect their family and this country for the year.

Rainy days in spring hold us in place, allowing us time to catch up and hold back all at the same time. To leave us in pursuit of who we are and who we want to become by allowing a hollow space and time between seasons. Pushing back the molten days of summer one drop of water at a time.  All while giving us the  full knowledge that here in the South everything we own and all we hold dear can be swept away in one fatal storm or left in peace with knowledge of God’s provision for the day.

So I salute you with this cup of coffee. Enjoy your own rainy day in spring, if you are lucky enough to have one.


About The Author

As a wife and mother, everyday is an adventure. 15 years in business management/education barely prepared me for a life now ruled by two under the age of 6. Join me in this journey. I hope to hear from you soon.

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